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Altana Invests in HTS System From Thermo

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Thermo Electron Corporation has announced that it had secured a major contract with Altana Pharma to install a fully integrated Ultra High Throughput Screening system.

The system is designed to accelerate complex process, shortening both compound discovery and development times.

Compound screening and profiling in early drug discovery is currently the responsibility of Altana’s HTS laboratories in Konstanz, Germany.

Using cell and biochemical based assays, the laboratories focus on small volume 384 and 1536-well plates.

According to Christopher McNary, Vice President & General Manager Laboratory Automation Solutions Thermo Electron, Thermo will be installing its CRS Dimension4 System, which consists of advanced robotics developed to maximize throughput in the laboratory.

Thermo’s CRS Dimension4 will integrate other Thermo equipment such as Multidrop® liquid dispensers and VAL’s (vertical array loaders) with Thermo’s Cytomat incubators to maximize storage capacity. 

Dr. Stuermer, Head of High Throughput Screening, Altana Pharma commented, "We have very tough criteria for the production of high quality data and the need of an ultra high throughput system that can deliver a large number of test points per day."

"We felt that Thermo is the company that can fulfill our specific requirements with a robust, highly automated system."

At present, up to 80,000 compounds are screened per day, but following the integration of the CRS Dimension4 System, they anticipate being able to significantly improve these capabilities to 180,000 compound tests per day.

Dr. Stuermer also believes that the integration of such a system will boost compound profiling capabilities from currently 10,000 IC50´s per day to a whole new level.

"This installation will significantly shorten our time lines for HTS and compound profiling and enable us to increase our high throughput capabilities."

"Furthermore, in the long term, it will improve our strategies for assay development and further optimize our discovery workflow."

Guy Broadbent, President of Thermo’s LED Division stated, "We are delighted to have been chosen by such a leading company as Altana and have worked very closely with their team to ensure that the system provided is right for their specific application."

"For example, we used our proprietary Polara™ software to simulate the proposed system’s performance with projected heavy workloads and ability to efficiently process data."

"We now look forward to the installation of the system and providing continuing expert support and assistance."