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AMRI Launches new Website Promoting Globalization of Contract Research Services

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AMRI has announced the launch of its redesigned Web site - www.amriglobal.com. With enhancements and new features to attract and inform customers and investors, the redesigned site supports AMRI’s ongoing globalization initiatives and reinforces the company’s evolution over 16 years into a global contract services and R&D organization.

“AMRI’s redesigned website reflects our growing global presence and strengthens our image as a premier provider of high quality, cost-effective drug discovery, development and manufacturing services throughout the world.” said AMRI Chairman, President and CEO Thomas E. D'Ambra, Ph.D. “Our enhanced online presence reinforces our commitment to delivering high quality products and services in a range of cost models.”

The website provides a wide array of resources and information for customers and investors including: comprehensive descriptions of AMRI’s products and services, dynamic investment tools giving users the ability to view stock filing information, enhanced access to AMRI sales representatives, improved navigation and search capabilities, and e-mail alerts notifying users about AMRI news or upcoming events.