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Ardea Biosciences Initiates Phase 3 Clinical Development Program for Lesinurad

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Ardea Biosciences, Inc. has announced that it has initiated the first of four planned Phase 3 clinical trials in its development program for lesinurad, the Company's lead product candidate for the chronic treatment of gout.

The lesinurad Phase 3 development program is expected to involve approximately 2,000 gout patients at sites around the world. The remaining Phase 3 studies in the program are expected to begin shortly.

"We are extremely pleased to have initiated our Phase 3 program for lesinurad as planned," commented Barry D. Quart, PharmD, president and chief executive officer of Ardea.

Quart continued, "Lesinurad has the potential to significantly improve the lives of millions of gout patients who are untreated or inadequately treated due to the limitations of current therapies. Our Phase 3 program is designed to demonstrate that potential in the patient populations most in need, including patients who have not achieved medically appropriate target serum uric acid levels with standard doses of a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, patients who cannot tolerate the current standard of care, and patients with advanced disease."