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Astech Ready for the Challenge

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Astech Projects is throwing down the gauntlet this May with its Astech Automation Challenge. Exhibiting at Total Processing and Packaging, Birmingham, UK, Astech are encouraging companies to present them with their difficult to solve automation and processing problems.

The Company says that: “Whether picking, packing or palletizing, if your company has a requirement for some hard-to-automate processes or your existing automation isn’t working properly, then Astech invite you to “challenge” them.”

Astech’s founder and creator of the Astech Automation Challenge, Paul Norris commented, “We believe that developing the right concept for each automation project is the key to successful implementation.”

He continued, “We work closely with our customers from the start to develop a range of possible concepts. Subsequently we select the most advantageous for further development and hold Proof of Concept (PoC) trials where required, effectively enabling the customer to try before they buy. That’s why Astech is recognized for our innovative design capability and ability to produce fully automated solutions for complex, previously un-automated applications.”  

If a company has an automation problem that they have already tried and failed to solve, then this is precisely what Astech is looking for. With such expertise on hand, the Astech Automation Challenge at Total Processing and Packaging presents companies with an opportunity not to be missed, according to Astech.