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Aurigene and Debiopharm Group™ Report Nomination of Debio 0617B

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Aurigene Discovery Technologies and Debiopharm Group™ (Debiopharm) have announced the successful nomination of a development candidate, Debio 0617B.

Debio 0617B is a novel small molecule targeting an undisclosed oncology pathway which has started IND enabling studies, and is expected to enter clinical development in Q42014.

Debiopharm and Aurigene have been collaborating on several discovery projects since 2006.

The companies signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement, to develop and commercialize Debio 0617B in 2012.

The teams have successfully identified and validated the development candidate that meets the target molecular profile for a unique, first-in-class mechanism of action that targets several potential unmet needs in oncology.

“This represents an important success not just for this scientific program, but also for the strategic path that was established through this agreement between Debiopharm and Aurigene. This is a truly synergistic relationship that takes advantage of the proven experience, expertise and processes at Debiopharm, coupled with the speed, flexibility and high-quality science at Aurigene”, said Murali Ramachandra, Sr VP of Pre-clinical biology of Aurigene.

“This new achievement is in line with the long standing collaboration between Debiopharm and Aurigene. Both teams have highly contributed to reach this milestone by following a focused and fully integrated project development strategy, combining the reciprocal expertise in both companies.” said Andres McAllister, CSO, Research & Evaluation at Debiopharm.

“Aurigene is a highly valued partner of Debiopharm and we look forward to continuing our collaborative activities with them” said David Deperthes, VP Business Development at Debiopharm.