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Bespak and Aesica Unveil New Single Source Supply Chain Solution

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Novel business model set to streamline and speed products to market whilst reducing cost and complexity of development Bespak and Aesica are unveiling the industry’s first single source supply chain solution for drug delivery products incorporating formulation development, device design and development, drug and device manufacture, fill/finish and secondary packaging. This new business model has been brought to the market following Consort Medical’s acquisition of Aesica.

Consort Medical has combined and integrated Aesica’s drug formulation, manufacturing and packaging capabilities with Bespak’s market leading drug delivery device, design, development and manufacturing services. This has created a global single source drug and device contract manufacturing partner for pharmaceutical customers.

The full range of services that the Group now provides includes inhalation, nasal, ocular, Buccal, and transdermal drug delivery device concept generation, design, development, and manufacture at pilot through to high volume commercial scale, as well as API and formulation development and manufacture and finished dose fill/finish.

Bespak and Aesica have strong synergies and similarities across quality control, regulatory compliance and reliable manufacturing. This includes QP release and ISO certified Quality Management Systems, cGMP compliance and operating to FDA and MHRA standards of approval.

Furthermore, both companies comply with environmental and health and safety standards. Aesica provides secure facilities that handle up to schedule 2 controlled substances, together with a high containment suite capable of manufacturing products in the SafeBridge category 3 potency level.

Both brands provide pilot up to volume manufacturing – operating at scales from low volume pilot manufacture to very high volume automated production operations and from grams to full scale manufacture of drugs.

In addition, continuous improvement tools underpin each company’s operations. Moreover, Bespak and Aesica offer complex solutions and capabilities ranging from better than 6-sigma manufacturing operations at Bespak through to semi continuous processing, high capacity and high potent drug manufacturing at Aesica.