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Bioequivalence and Oral Drug Formulation Events

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Curtis & Coulter LLC, are under 3 weeks away from hosting their co-located Bioequivalence: Intersection Between Science & Regulatory Summit and Oral Drug Formulation Innovations Summit taking place on November 5-6 2014 at the Westin San Diego, CA.

November’s events are specifically designed to unify and assist drug development organizations in streamlining the bioequivalence testing process, as well as optimizing formulation development approaches for oral drug products. This will in turn have a positive knock-on effect on approval rates of much-needed future drug products. 

“We are delighted that multiple leading players within the global life sciences community share this vision and are thrilled that attendees will be joining us in San Diego from as far afield as China, India, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Brazil, Germany and Italy” stated Mark Coulter, CEO of Curtis & Coulter LLC. “It’s good to know the global life science community is committed to unite and work towards overcoming bioequivalence and formulation development challenges in order to ensure that faster, safer, much-needed drug products are readily available” he added.

The two events will include key presentations from Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson amongst other leading drug development organizations. Additionally presenters will include the FDA, and a number of other global regulatory agencies.