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BioFocus DPI Enhances ADME Optimization Capabilities

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BioFocus DPI has announced two major enhancements to its ADMEnsa high-quality ADME optimization services.

In addition to opening a US-West Coast unit to better serve its customers, it has also upgraded the proprietary ADMEnsa Interactive software through improved data analysis and visualization. These capabilities enable the efficient design, identification and prioritization of compounds at all stages of the drug discovery process by indicating the optimal balance of properties critical to a compound’s success.

Located in San Diego, the new ADMEnsa group builds on BioFocus DPI’s track record of success in drug discovery by providing flexible ADME optimization services. Taking a consultative approach, they aim to extract the greatest value from all ADME and DMPK data and advice on the next steps to move projects forward.

The West Coast ADMEnsa team will be headed by Dr. Shamsi Raeissi, who brings with her extensive drug discovery and preclinical development knowledge gained through over 15 years of industrial experience with Bayer Health Care, Pfizer, Sugen and Rhone-Poulenc Rorer.

“The BioFocus DPI ADMEnsa and medicinal chemistry groups in San Diego will provide a versatile service dedicated to delivering balanced leads and preclinical candidates for our clients,” said Dr. Shamsi Raeissi.

In addition to the expanded laboratory service, BioFocus DPI has upgraded its ADMEnsa Interactive software suite to include a range of enhanced data analysis and visualization tools. Coupled closely to the suite’s probabilistic scoring and chemical space analyses, these new capabilities create a decision-support environment.

The package’s compound prioritization framework means that in silico predictions can be integrated with data from other sources such as in vitro and in vivo experiments to aid effective decision making.

“While ADMEnsa has always provided rapid, high-quality ADME services to a global customer base, the establishment of our West Coast facility will enhance the personalized service we provide to our customers in North America and the Asia Pacific region.” said Dr. Matt Segall, Senior Director of BioFocus DPI’s ADMEnsa division.

“The upgrade of ADMEnsa Interactive further establishes its position as the most comprehensive platform, combining in silico modeling and interactive decision support for drug discovery scientists,” Dr. Segall continued.