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Blacktrace Holdings Acquires ChemiSens AB Assets

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Blacktrace Holdings Limited has announced that with effect from 16th January 2015 it has acquired the assets of ChemiSens AB, based in Lund, Sweden. ChemiSens has a 30-year proven track record in the development, manufacture and supply of the highest performance reaction calorimeters.

These sophisticated systems, which will now be supplied and supported via the Syrris brand, perfectly complement the Syrris product range.

Reaction calorimeters are used in a wide range of applications, including carbon capture and sequestration, biological performance, and chemical reaction kinetic and scale-up safety studies.

The combined Syrris and ChemiSens product portfolio - from the straightforward, easy-to-use Atlas Calorimeter to the high performance CPA200 series - allows Syrris to meet customers’ differing needs and applications, whether an introductory or top-end calorimeter is required.

And, with the company’s global presence and the knowledgeable Syrris support team, new and existing customers can be assured of continued worldwide access to professional advice.

Blacktrace is looking forward to working with existing ChemiSens partners, and intends to keep the current structure for the foreseeable future.