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Caisson Establishes Partnership with CordenPharma

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Caisson Biotech, LLC (Caisson) has announced it has established a global manufacturing partnership with CordenPharma International (CordenPharma). Caisson has demonstrated successful technology transfer and cGMP scale-up with its corporate pharmaceutical partners utilizing its patented heparosan-based half-life extension and drug delivery platform, HEPtune®, and will establish similar capabilities with CordenPharma in order to supply licensing partners with HEPtune drug conjugate material.

As a manufacturer of the HEPtune® technology, CordenPharma will bring experience and expertise in process development and manufacture of complex carbohydrates, including carbohydrate-based polymers and glycoconjugates, which are an integral component of its Peptides, Lipids & Carbohydrates technology platform offering.

“We are excited to announce a manufacturing relationship with CordenPharma,” said Breca Tracy, PhD, Vice President and Managing Director of Caisson. “CordenPharma’s experience manufacturing carbohydrates and polyethylene glycol drug conjugates makes CordenPharma an ideal scale-up manufacturing partner and will accelerate Caisson’s capabilities to fulfill requests for larger quantities of quality material for pre-clinical and clinical studies.”

Mimoun Ayoub, PhD, Director, Global Peptides, Lipids, Carbohydrates & Injectables Platforms, CordenPharma International said, “We are delighted that Caisson Biotech has selected CordenPharma to serve as a manufacturer and supplier of HEPtune-related materials. This potentially disruptive technology is a natural fit for CordenPharma’s Peptides, Lipids & Carbohydrates platform, and we look forward to supporting Caisson Biotech’s partners as they develop and commercialize novel, life-saving therapeutics.”