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Catalent Biologics Announces the Appointment of Kevin Hambly

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Catalent has announced the appointment of Kevin Hambly to the position of Vice President, Business Development and Licensing for Catalent Biologics. In this role, Kevin will be responsible for leading business development activities around Catalent’s proprietary SMARTag™ bioconjugation platform, as well as further developing and commercializing Catalent Biologics’ portfolio of proprietary technologies.

Mr. Hambly joins Catalent Biologics after spending nine years at Seattle Genetics, where he most recently served as Director of Business Development and was responsible for leading out-licensing activities for the company’s Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) technology.

During his tenure, he was responsible for negotiating multiple ADC license and collaboration agreements with cumulative up-front license fees of over $100M, and potential milestone payments of over $1B. Kevin was also instrumental in driving strategic collaborations and in-licensing efforts to expand Seattle Genetics’ technology platforms and product pipeline.

Mr. Hambly holds a B.S. in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology from Western Washington University, and a Master of Bioscience (MBS) from the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences.

“Kevin is a seasoned business development professional who has driven multiple high value deals for one of the leaders in Antibody Drug Conjugation technology,” commented Mike Riley, Vice President and General Manager of Catalent Biologics. He added “Kevin will play a key role as we continue to build Catalent Biologics into a leading solutions provider, which will help enable the next generation of biologic therapies.”

Catalent’s proprietary SMARTag site-specific protein-modification and linker technologies were developed by Redwood Bioscience to enable the generation of homogenous bioconjugates (including ADCs and other protein conjugates) engineered to enhance potency, safety and stability.

The SMARTag platform provides precise payload positioning, stable, site-specific conjugation and defined stoichiometry of drug–protein ratios. The control afforded by the technology enables identification of superior drugs from libraries of differentially designed conjugates. Catalent acquired Redwood Bioscience in 2014.