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Cell Signaling Technology and TTP LabTech Announce Assay Development Partnership Agreement

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Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. (CST) has announced that it has entered into an assay development partnership agreement with TTP LabTech Ltd. (TTPLT), a technology leader in the supply of custom automation and laboratory instrumentation for the healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.

Under the agreement, CST will develop and validate antibodies on TTPLT’s Acumen® Explorer/eX3 microplate cytometric platform. The companies intend to enable a platform solution based on Acumen technology and CST’s extensive collection of validated antibodies for high content cellular analysis of cellular signaling and regulatory post-translational modifications.

CST has proprietary rabbit monoclonal technology and expertise in diverse antibody-based assay technologies. These capabilities will be leveraged to develop and optimize a catalog of high content assays for cellular pathway profiling on TTPLT’s Acumen Explorer/eX3 platform. CST will offer these Acumen high content assays to the drug discovery market as CST products, as well as in profiling services.

“TTPLT is a great partner for CST in the high content analysis (HCA) market; TTPLT’s Acumen cytometric platform performs exceptionally well and we are having great success with antibody validation for Acumen-based HCA assay,” said Christopher Bunker, CST’s Director of Business Development.

“The objective of the TTPLT – CST partnership is to provide researchers an HCA solution that integrates the high performance Acumen platform with CST’s comprehensive pathway toolbox of high-throughput, information-rich cellular assays; moreover, CST will offer these same assays on the Acumen in our HCA Profiling Service.”

“The Acumen range of products is firmly established for use in high throughput-high content screening. This collaboration is an exciting opportunity for CST and TTPLT to work together to co-develop a new range of applications on the Acumen eX3” said Paul Wylie, TTPLT’s Senior Commercial Scientist. “The combination of TTP LabTech’s expertise in fluorescent detection instrumentation and CST’s high quality antibodies creates an excellent opportunity to influence the future of high content multiplex assay analyses.”