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Cellexus and Groton Collaborate on Use of Automated Sampling with Single-Use Bioreactors

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Cellexus Limited, ’The Cell Company’, and Groton Biosystems announce a collaboration on use of the Groton Biosystems automated sampler with the Cellexus single-use bioreactors for aseptic sample extraction from cell culture for improved cell culture process monitoring.

Use of these systems combines advantages of production of the highest yields of soluble proteins under optimal conditions using the Cellexus CellMaker single-use bioreactors with ability to automate safe sample extraction under sterile conditions using the Groton Biosystems autosampler.

Accessing bioreactor/fermenter contents in this way is an important activity for any user. Ability to monitor, assay and record parameters, off-line from the bioreactor/fermenter, is an essential part of the daily routine in biochemical research and biopharmaceutical production.

Cellexus CellMaker systems apply single-use, disposable cell culture bioreactor bags with methods to mix and oxygenate. Whilst other disposable systems require shakers, rockers, rollers or large environmental chambers, CellMaker systems employ an airlift technology which is simple and scalable.

The single-use, disposable cell culture bags in which cells are grown, enable set-up times and eliminate cleaning requirements. CellMaker systems aerate the Cellexus cell culture bags, with controlled air flow providing oxygen for cell growth and gentle, effective mixing to maintain cells in suspension. Pressure control enhances oxygen availability to cells and decreases foaming and temperature control enables production of the highest yields of soluble protein under optimal conditions.

Groton Biosystems supplies a family of on-line bioreactor autosamplers that sample from up to eight reactors and deliver samples to up to four analytical instruments. The ARS series, designed to be aligned with the FDA’s process analytical technology are ideal for reducing product development cycles, maximizing R&D and production results, and tracking overall product quality.