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CEM Launches Single Channel Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

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Liberty1 has all of the features of CEM’s award-winning Liberty Microwave Peptide Synthesizer, but is ideal for researchers who do not require a high-throughput system. This intuitive system makes one peptide at a time quickly and easily.

“Liberty1 is an affordable alternative for researchers, including those who currently buy peptides because they do not need the throughput of a multi-channel peptide synthesis system,” said Michael J. Collins, PhD, president and CEO of CEM Corporation. “The system is easy-to-operate and can provide peptides in a day, so researchers don’t have to postpone their work for weeks while they’re waiting for the peptide they ordered.”

Microwave peptide synthesis allows research scientists to make longer, more difficult peptides that were not possible to produce using conventional techniques.  It is a faster technique that produces higher purity peptides and allows for the use of more simplified chemistries.