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CEMMNT Expands to Accelerate Industry Innovation

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The Smith & Nephew Technical Services Group (TSG) and the Centre of Excellence in Metrology for Micro and Nano Technologies (CEMMNT) have partnered to deliver comprehensive measurement, characterization and analytical solutions for industry.

As part of a global medical technology company, the TSG, which is based at the Smith & Nephew Research Centre in York, has world class expertise in medical devices and biosciences that adds technology and applications to extend CEMMNT’s offering, including histology, microbiological testing, biomechanics, bioanalytical services and cell biology.

The TSG’s partnership with CEMMNT enables the expanded network to address the medical technology and personal care industries, where micro and nano technologies are extensively used in developing new products.

“This new partnership provides seamless single point access to the UK’s largest network of over 300 specialists, offering organizations relevant applications knowledge and experience, along with cutting edge technology, to accelerate innovation and commercialization,” said Elwood Vogt, CEO of CEMMNT.

CEMMNT, a UK DTI-funded industry led network that includes the National Physical Laboratory, QinetiQ, Ametek Taylor Hobson, BAE Systems, and Coventor, provides services ranging from one-off measurements to bespoke R&D projects that address measurement, characterization and systems engineering challenges for organizations developing products or processes involving micro and nano technologies.

Through its partners, CEMMNT characterizes materials from the molecular scale to final devices using over 50 different techniques. Microscopy and spectroscopy approaches can be combined to determine both the dimensional structure and local elemental or chemical composition. Thermal, electrical, optical, structural and mechanical properties can all be determined at the micro or nano scale.