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Cerionx and BioProcessors Partner to Improve Cell Culture Process Development Efficiency

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Cerionx, Inc. and BioProcessors Corporation have announced a partnership that will leverage their technologies, and enable biotech and pharmaceutical companies to rapidly develop biotech products.

The addition of Cerionx's TipCharger System™ to BioProcessors' SimCell™ High Throughput cell culture automation platform enables BioPharma companies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness with which they develop excellence in their manufacturing processes.

Tests prove that the TipCharger System rapidly and effectively sterilizes the microbioreactor inoculation needles from all traces of E. Coli bacteria in seconds.

"We are pleased to partner with BioProcessors and provide their customers with a valuable tool that greatly improves productivity," said Paul Hensley, CEO and President, Cerionx.

"When combined with the SimCell technology, the TipCharger System significantly increases throughput and ensures that contaminating substances are not introduced into environments that must be kept sterile."

The patented TipCharger System sterilizes the inoculation needles used in the SimCell platform, using about the same amount of power as a light bulb.

BioProcessors has integrated the TipCharger System into the SimCell High Throughput cell culture platform to ensure feed and inoculation sterility thus ensuring its pharmaceutical and biotech clients effectively develop and scale- up their production processes.

"We expect our customers will be delighted with the added value we've provided by incorporating Cerionx's technology with our SimCell solution," said Andrey Zarur, CEO and President, BioProcessors.

"The addition of the TipCharger System will not only simplify the sterilization process, but will also improve the productivity the SimCell platform offers the BioPharma industry."