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Chemizon to Provide Array BioPharma with Chemistry Services

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Chemizon has announced that it has signed an agreement with Array BioPharma to provide Array with various medicinal chemistry services including chemical synthesis and new route research. Chemizon’s technical team will support Array’s internal chemistry capabilities, providing Array with a reliable, external partner to meet aggressive timelines.

“Chemizon is a professional organization with high caliber scientists and excellent facilities. We expanded our relationship with Chemizon to rapidly and cost-effectively progress our internal drug discovery programs,” said Kevin Koch, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer, Array BioPharma.

“Array is a world class drug discovery company and we are delighted that they chose Chemizon as their medicinal chemistry partner,” said Tony Piscopio, Ph.D., the Chairman and CEO of Chemizon Inc. “In the past 20 months, Chemizon has made rapid strides, both in terms of people and capabilities. The principal reason for this growth has been due to satisfied partners like Array.”