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ClinTec International Awarded Women Business Enterprise Certified Status by WEConnect

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ClinTec International, the Global Clinical Research Organization, has been awarded Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certified status by WEConnect Europe - a not-for-profit organization, led by corporate members, that is opening doors to new supply chains for businesses in which women executives hold at least 51 per cent share of ownership.

WEConnect certified status is yet further evidence of ClinTec International’s solid performance and the standing of its President, Founder & CEO, Dr Rabinder Buttar. WBE is awarded after a rigorous certification process – including a specific focus on corporate financials.

Development of a diversity agenda at ClinTec International is very much a current focus, which goes in line with conduct of global projects, cross-border client engagements and an internationally diverse workforce. Certification from WEConnect Europe is in line with this initiative and recognition the important role that Women have to play in the management of modern organizations.

In addition, WEConnect Europe will facilitate ClinTec in building and enhancing a strong network of contacts with other certified companies, forge partnerships with clients who have a diversity agenda, and generate business-to-business tendering opportunities.