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Cloud Pharmaceuticals forms Drug Design Collaboration with GSK

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Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence-driven drug design and development company, announced they have entered into drug discovery collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Cloud will design novel small-molecule agents to GSK specified targets. Cloud will use its proprietary AI-driven process to design the molecules.

Ed Addison, CEO of Cloud Pharmaceuticals, said, “Application of Cloud Pharmaceuticals technology has been proven to dramatically shorten the time from target validation to lead molecule. We believe this agreement validates the strength of this process and reinforces the value we can offer accelerate the discovery of novel, high-quality drug candidates.”

Don Van Dyke, COO of Cloud and their lead in this collaboration added, “It is estimated that the traditional discovery process to arrive at a clinical candidate molecule takes greater than 5 years. Cloud has consistently been able to reduce that to a matter of a few months.”

Cloud Pharmaceuticals has designed active molecules with academic and commercial partners against a broad variety of drug targets and has published several papers to document its success. Cloud’s proprietary AI-driven process delivers completely novel molecules that have been tailored to the unique characteristics of each drug target.