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CMXC Announces Additional Results of Preliminary Analysis of Metabolomic Assays

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Cell MedX Corp. has announced additional results of the ongoing analysis of metabolomic assays taken during the Phase 1 pilot clinical trial.

The pilot clinical discovery phase trial in two diabetic subjects was performed in January 2015. Ongoing metabolomic analyses of the samples have yielded additional insights into the immediate metabolic alterations brought about by a single e-balance technology treatment.

In addition to indications of increased sensitivity to insulin, glycolytic processes are also clearly upregulated. These new findings reveal enhanced transport as well as utilization of glucose during a treatment.

Further exploration of these pathways will continue, along with sustained treatment end points such as HbA1C, in a formal Phase 1B clinical trial scheduled to take place in Newport Beach, CA. In order to carry out the clinical trial, the Company has started recruiting subjects with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

The analysis of the samples was conducted by The Metabolomics Innovation Centre at the University of Alberta (“TMIC”), whose analytic and informatics toolsets and translational “omics” expertise allows for cost-effective and more accurate results of assays.