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Consort Medical plc Signs Multi-Year Supply Agreement for IDC System

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Consort Medical plc has announced the conclusion of a significant new commercial supply agreement for its proprietary integrated dose counter (IDC) system. The multi-year supply agreement covers supply of both the IDC actuator and the pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) valve. This IDC programme represents the first commercial oral variant of the device, which is already approved and marketed for a nasally delivered product.

Dose-counting devices fulfil an important patient and compliance need to let patients know if their device contains sufficient drug and to indicate when they need to seek a further prescription. It provides patients with a reliable, easy to read indication of how many doses are left inside the canister in line with FDA guidance.

Jonathan Glenn, Consort Medical’s Chief Executive Officer commented: “Consort Medical has a long heritage of excellence, reliability and innovation and we strive to be the partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to implement drug delivery technologies that can streamline and accelerate the route to market for their drugs.

“With the conclusion of this agreement for our IDC device we have reinforced the ongoing strength of our respiratory device franchise, in particular in the pMDI segment, and created a significant business opportunity.”

The device will be manufactured in the Consort Medical company Bespak’s existing IDC facility at King’s Lynn. The project will be referred to as (IDC300).