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CRS Expands Enters into Strategic Partnership with Bayer

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CRS has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Bayer HealthCare in clinical drug development. Cooperation will include R&D services for early clinical trials (Phases I-IIa).

Having already worked together successfully for several years, the new agreement paves the way for an even broader partnership in order to increase the benefits of this cooperation. CRS will take charge of Bayer HealthCare’s clinical pharmacology units and integrate them into CRS’s network of research centres in Germany. As a result, the CRS Group is widening its range of services to include specialist expertise in cardiovascular and gynaecological indications.

“We’re very proud to have built up a relationship with Bayer HealthCare based on trust and proven performance which will now be elevated to a strategic partnership,” said Dr. Torben Thomsen, Partner, President & CEO of CRS. “We welcome the new, highly qualified employees from Bayer HealthCare at the new sites who will help us expand our expertise in cardiovascular and gynaecological indications and where we already plan to create new jobs. As well as adding to our infrastructure, it marks the consistent continuation of our successful expansion strategy over the past ten years.”