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Crystallisation Studies to Benefit From New Laboratory Reactor Innovations

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Radleys have introduced a series of new features for its Laboratory Reactors and Lara Controlled Laboratory Reactor (CLR) system that will benefit pharmaceutical companies studying crystal morphology.

A split-jacketed reaction vessel option offers chemists several advantages. By stopping the flow of thermal fluid through the top half of the reactor, the split-jacketed jacket maintains a cooler internal surface than traditional reactor vessel designs.

This technological advance reduces the incidence of crystalline deposits baking onto the inside of the vessel, above the surface of the liquid, improving yields and cutting down on time lost in cleaning between reactions.

In addition the split-jacket design lends itself to facilitate in-process monitoring of crystals. A split-jacket can be fabricated to provide a single wall viewing area between the upper and lower jacketed areas. This area can then be used to locate a video camera or microscope to view the formation of crystals within the vessel.

Radleys have has also introduced a new V4 zero dead space stopcock for its bespoke Laboratory Reactors and Lara CLR systems. Designed to enable quick, easy and safe removal the new valve eliminates the cleaning and removal problems associated with traditional stopcock designs.

Its zero dead volume format ensures that all the vessel contents are stirred and heated/cooled evenly. The valve, available in 15 or 25mm nominal bore to suit different vessel sizes, is manually operated to open for sampling or removal of contents.