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Denator AB Expands and Strengthens Commercial Operations

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Denator AB announced that the company has expanded and strengthened its Commercial operations group in Europe through the appointment of Patrik Bjoorn as Application Specialist with the responsibility for Technical Support.

Patrik joins Denator from Biolin Scientific where he worked as Senior Sales and Application specialist with the responsibility of, amongst other things, education of sales and application personnel especially at the 15+ distribution partners of Biolin Scientific. Prior to that, Patrik worked for several years at Q-Sense with establishing a novel Swedish research technology on the global market. He held positions as Sales Director and President of the company’s US branch.

Patrik Bjoorn says: "Denator’s product portfolio is in a very exciting stage of evolution and it is great to become part of the team at such an active time.”

Olof Skold, CEO at Denator, states: “We are delighted to be able to strengthen our Commercial operations group with such a highly experienced individual as Patrik, who has proven his abilities in several successful ventures within the biotech industry. Our products are becoming increasingly well-established in the proteomics market hence our decision to increase our personnel to ensure that we continue to provide high quality customer assistance.”