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DiscoveRx and BioFocus Announce Co-marketing Agreement for GPCR Screening

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BioFocus® and DiscoveRx corp. announced has that they have signed a co-marketing agreement that allows BioFocus to perform screening on behalf of BioFocus’ customers using DiscoveRx PathHunter™ ß-Arrestin GPCR screening assay, HitHunter™ cAMP assays and associated cell lines.

DiscoveRx has a portfolio of non-force coupled GPCR cell lines utilizing its award winning PathHunter™ ß-Arrestin GPCR platform as well as HitHunter™ cAMP detection. These validated cell lines and associated detection platform have been used in numerous drug discovery campaigns for de-orphanization and identifying novel hits.

“The addition of the DiscoveRx GPCR product portfolio to BioFocus will enhance our assay development and screening platform” said Chris Newton, SVP BioFocus. “Our customers will gain advantage of our expertise coupled with the unique and complete GPCR portfolio offered by DiscoveRx”.

”We are pleased that BioFocus and DiscoveRx have forged a partnership as both parties bring novel and unique capabilities and technologies to meet challenges of drug discovery customers” said Pyare Khanna, CEO of DiscoveRx.