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Dotmatics Partners with BioByte

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Dotmatics announced a partnership with BioByte, producer of the industry gold standard partition coefficient calculator (ClogP).  This deal will enable users of the Dotmatics Platform including Vortex and Browser to calculate ClogP seamlessly within the applications. This will streamline the research process and speed up the selection of potential drug candidates.  

LogP is one of the parameters most intensively used during the drug discovery process to filter out compounds with low prospects of becoming a drug. It helps to define the chemical space in which to work. Most discovery programs that are focused on small molecules rely on predicted LogP.  BioByte’s ClogP has been the benchmark calculator in drug discovery research for the last 35 years.  ClogP is a part of BioByte’s Bio-Loom suite of calculators and is the most extensively tested fragment-based LogP calculator used in the industry. ClogP uses a rational constructionist approach, incorporating tens of thousands of carefully curated measured values and interaction factors, all of which are based on physical chemistry. 

This partnership allows Dotmatics to add ClogP to the substantial list of calculators already available across the Dotmatics Platform. ClogP will complement the atom-based XlogP method enabling customers to compare and establish consensus on the value of LogP in order to determine the profile of compounds more accurately.

“Integrating ClogP within Vortex and Browser has been one of the top requests from our customers“, said Dr Mike Hartshorn, CSO at Dotmatics. “The partnership with BioByte will enable us to offer users the ability to access the ClogP calculator without having to leave their favourite interface. We are committed to offer outstanding quality throughout the Dotmatics Platform and ClogP by BioByte is a great addition to our suite, matching the standard of our solutions”

“The partnership with Dotmatics will enable us to expand the already ubiquitous presence of ClogP in Pharma and Biotech,” said Albert Leo, CEO of BioByte.  “During the past 35 years, we have invested and continue to invest a large amount of effort enriching our programs and databases. The partnership guarantees to our users that the calculator remains the best in the market. We hope that the users of the Dotmatics Platform will take advantage of the extensive experience ClogP provides within their day to day research”