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eGene will be Granted Chinese Patent for DNA Analyzer Technology

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eGene Inc. has announced the Company has received confirmation from the China Patent Office of its decision to grant a patent for "Optical detection in a multi-channel bio-separation system." This marks the Company's eighth patent worldwide.

Ming S. Liu, acting CEO of eGene, made the announcement noting, "We continue to strengthen our patent portfolio with the addition of this Chinese patent."

"We believe our portable HDA-GT12™ Genetic Analyzer has potential for any number of important uses, among them controlling transmission of infectious diseases through use at locations where DNA can be screened for viral or bacterial signatures; assisting in the development of 'designer drugs' where a patient's DNA is compared to that of a specific drug to determine if that drug will be effective on that individual or if side effects might occur; academic research; and criminal DNA analysis."

The HDA-GT12™ Genetic Analyzer analyzes genetic fingerprinting of living organisms through microsatellites, AFLP and RFLP.

It performs RNA and oligonucleotide quality checks, as well as DNA sample screening, high-resolution DNA fragment analysis (2-5bp) and large DNA fragments analysis (up to 10Kb).

The system also analyzes the quality and quantity of total RNA and cRNA, determines the efficiency of cRNA and cDNA amplification reactions and is designed to ensure quality of fragmented cRNA.

The Company sells cartridges that are specific to the type of analysis to be performed. All data is then received in digital form for appropriate transmission and storage.