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Elsevier MDL and NIH Link PubChem Database and DiscoveryGate® Information Platform

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Elsevier MDL and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have linked databases to make it easier and quicker for academic, government, pharmaceutical and other researchers to obtain comprehensive information, improve decision making and support discovery breakthroughs.

The NIH's freely available PubChem database of small molecule data, designed to support links to outside chemical information resources, is now cross-indexed with the Compound Index hosted on Elsevier MDL's DiscoveryGate® platform.

"Now, researchers can immediately tell if information related to a specific chemical compound exists in the other system," said Steve Bryant, director of the PubChem project.

"From DiscoveryGate, links connect researchers directly to the relevant information from PubChem. Likewise, researchers using PubChem can link to additional information in DiscoveryGate (appropriate licenses required for accessing DiscoveryGate data sources)."

"This integrated informatin provision improves the scientific community's ability to rapidly conduct thorough research."

Lars Barfod, CEO of Elsevier MDL, added, "The value of DiscoveryGate is focused information, relevant to specific research questions, from a network of indexed and linked data sources."

"This collaboration with the NIH to index PubChem extends the scope of available content, and will help researchers find critical information while avoiding unnecessary, repetitious searches of multiple systems or data sources."

The online DiscoveryGate® platform is designed to provide access to integrated scientific content from databases, journal articles, patent publications and reference works, from information providers including Elsevier, Thomson-Derwent, FIZ CHEMIE, the U.S. FDAProus Science and Thieme.

With the addition of 5 million chemical structures from the PubChem database, the MDL Compound Index (the master list of substances included in DiscoveryGate data sources) now exceeds 14 million unique chemical structures.

The PubChem database emerged from the NIH effort to catalog information on the biological properties of small molecules.

The indexing in PubChem gives scientists with appropriate DiscoveryGate licenses the ability to move from biological data in PubChem to extensive bioactivity, chemical sourcing, chemistry, synthetic methodology and Environmental, Health and Safety data in DiscoveryGate data sources.