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Enumeral, Pieris Enter Agreement

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Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, Pieris is licensing from Enumeral specified intellectual property related to Enumeral’s anti-PD-1 antibody program ENUM 388D4 for the potential development and commercialization by Pieris of novel multispecific therapeutic proteins comprising fusion proteins based on Pieris’ Anticalins® class of therapeutic proteins and Enumeral antibodies in the field of oncology.

Under the License Agreement, Pieris has agreed to pay Enumeral a $250,000 initial license fee, and Enumeral is providing Pieris with sequence and related information for Enumeral’s 388D4 family of anti-PD-1 antibodies. The License Agreement provides that Pieris may continue the license by paying Enumeral an additional maintenance fee in the amount of $750,000 by May 31, 2016. In the event that Pieris does not pay this maintenance fee by May 31, 2016, the License Agreement expires and the license granted thereunder automatically terminates.

If Pieris elects to continue the license and pays Enumeral the maintenance fee, the License Agreement provides that Pieris shall also receive a twelve-month option to license Enumeral intellectual property related to an additional antibody program on the same terms and conditions as for the ENUM 388D4 family of anti-PD-1 antibodies (the “Subsequent Option”). The antibody subject to the Subsequent Option will be selected by Pieris from a specified list of antibodies owned by Enumeral. In the event that Pieris exercises the Subsequent Option, Pieris will pay Enumeral an additional undisclosed license fee.

The terms of the License Agreement provide for Pieris to pay Enumeral development milestones of up to an aggregate of $37.8 millionupon the achievement of specified events, as well as net sales milestone payments of up to an aggregate of $67.5 million upon the achievement of specified net sales thresholds. Under the License Agreement, Pieris also agrees to pay Enumeral royalties in the low-to-lower middle single digits as a percentage of net sales depending on the amount of net sales in the applicable years. In the event that Pieris licenses an additional antibody pursuant to the Subsequent Option, any resulting fusion protein products will be subject to additional royalties and development and sales milestones in the same amounts applicable to the fusion proteins linking PD-1 and Anticalins under the initial license.

“We are excited that Pieris has decided to work with our antibody sequences, and we are encouraged that these sequences could become part of a novel class of therapeutic based on Pieris’ Anticalin platform,” said Cokey Nguyen, Ph.D., Enumeral’s Vice President of Research and Development. “Enumeral has been able to generate antibodies using our proprietary platform technology in a very efficient manner, and this transaction is further validation of the Enumeral approach. We look forward to working with Pieris as we pursue our mutual interests under the License Agreement.”

“Gaining access to Enumeral's valuable PD-1 antibody IP not only enables Pieris to leverage its antibody-Anticalin multispecifics capabilities with a cornerstone immune checkpoint inhibitor, but also brings a high level of intra-pipeline synergy, including with Pieris’ lead CD137 bispecific immune costimulator candidate PRS-343,” commented Pieris President and CEO, Stephen S. Yoder. “This license gives Pieris an opportunity to independently develop anti-PD-1 antibody-Anticalin multispecific immune checkpoint inhibitors as next generation cancer immunotherapeutics.”