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Evotec Announces Research Agreement with Biogen Idec

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Evotec AG has announced that it has entered into a research agreement with Biogen Idec, a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., USA.

Evotec will use its expertise and technologies in protein production, assay development and high throughput screening to identify hit molecules for Biogen Idec.

Under the research agreement Evotec will screen a target selected by Biogen Idec with the option to add further targets as agreed.  Evotec will provide Biogen Idec with access to its full range of screening technologies and diverse library of high quality compounds and will use its expertise in protein production and assay development to develop new assays for the target.

Dr Mark Ashton, Evotec’s EVP, Business Development commented: “We believe that the quality of future drug candidates is very much dependent on the identification of high quality starting points. To this end we have established a platform of screening technologies that have been proven to identify high-class hit molecules. We are looking forward to working with Biogen Idec and identifying interesting hit compounds for them.”  

No financial details are disclosed.