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Exco InTouch Opens New Global Headquarters

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Once owned by King Henry VIII and occupied by his wife Anne Boleyn, Pishiobury House and its scenic grounds will now become home to Exco InTouch's growing operations. Over the last five years, Exco InTouch has established itself as a leading provider of software and services to the clinical trials industry. Exco InTouch offers a range of text message-based patient communication solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, including electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) software and patient recruitment, retention and compliance offerings. The company's portfolio has already helped several large pharmaceutical companies to enhance clinical trial communications and substantially improve data capture, reducing patient loss to follow-up and early withdrawals by up to 20 per cent.

Utilizing this technology has also helped clients to experience patient compliance rates of more than 90 per cent. In several phase III clinical trials, recruitment cost savings alone have exceeded $500,000 and clients are now harnessing Exco InTouch solutions across trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

The new, larger offices will allow the company to continue its growth and Exco InTouch plans to add to its team over the next six months. Exco InTouch will be the only company in the regal new surroundings, which will house the project management, IT, sales and marketing, accounting and general management teams. The main IT platform will remain at a secure location in the UK with a similar site in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Tim Davis, CEO of Exco InTouch, said: "This move reflects just how far Exco InTouch has come during the last 12 months. Our clients are delighted by the operational improvements and cost savings through better recruitment, retention, compliance and patient data capture and we look forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions for patient communications in our new global headquarters."