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Genfit: Milestone Achieved as a Compound Developed in Partnership Enters the Clinic

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Thanks to the joint efforts of the research teams of the two companies, a ‘first-in-class’ compound with an original mechanism of action for the treatment of cardiometabolic disorders is today entering clinical trials.

Jean-François Mouney, Chairman of GENFIT’s Management Board, declared: “We are very pleased to see a molecule originating from one of our research partnerships successfully achieve an important phase in its development. This provides strong recognition by the pharmaceutical industry of our scientific expertise and of the relevance of our research targets. This is the second program to enter clinical trials from this strategic collaboration initiated 8 years ago. This new achievement underlines the talent of our research teams, as well as those of our partner. We are confident that our innovative and collaborative approach will provide an efficient therapeutic strategy for cardiometabolic diseases and associated causes of mortality and morbidity.”

In addition to this initial milestone, GENFIT will potentially receive further clinical development-based milestone payments, as well as royalties on future sales.