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Gyros Announces Collaboration Agreement with Cygnus Technologies

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Gyros AB announced that the company has entered into a global collaboration agreement with Cygnus Technologies Inc., focused on the development of assay kits optimized for the Gyros immunoassay platform. The kits are being developed to further accelerate assay development timelines and increase lab productivity.

Cygnus Technologies provides specialized analytical products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for the testing of biologics and their impurities during process development and quality control. Under the terms of the agreement, Cygnus will develop, manufacture and supply kits optimized for application-specific immunoassays to be run on the Gyros platform. The companies expect kits to be commercially available before year end 2010.

Commenting on the collaboration, Erik Wallden, CEO at Gyros, explained the synergy between the two businesses: “Major biopharmaceutical companies and their service providers, CROs and CMOs, are using the Gyros immunoassay platform to increase the productivity and efficiency of their workflows. Cygnus Technologies is well established as a provider of kits and reagents that meet the specific demands of these workflows. Leveraging the expertise in both companies will enable Cygnus to develop kits optimized for use on the Gyros platform. Our clients are already cutting assay development times down to days compared to the weeks required for conventional techniques. The open design of our platform together with the convenience of validated kits will further transform lab productivity.”

Ken Hoffmann, President at Cygnus Technologies, added: “Our team includes personnel with vast experience in assay development and in-depth knowledge of the biotherapeutics development process and, before entering this agreement, we naturally reviewed several platforms. We concluded that the nanoliter-scale immunoassay format of the Gyros solution can be the most beneficial approach for many of our customers. This collaboration will benefit not only existing users of Gyros instrumentation, but also open up new opportunities for our own client base.”