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Huber Increases Focus on UK Market

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Peter Huber Kaltemaschinenbau GmbH, a supplier of thermoregulation products and services, has announced the formation of Huber UK to further enhance the in-depth pre- and post sales support it can provide to UK customers.

Huber UK will be focused exclusively on marketing, selling and supporting the Huber brand of thermoregulators in the United Kingdom.  Huber UK has invested in dedicated personnel for logistics, servicing and marketing in order to provide high quality support to end-users, distributors and OEM’s alike.

Stock of the most popular instruments as well as accessories and spare parts will be held in the UK to shorten lead times.  Huber UK will work with Huber GmbH to provide customers with the best possible levels of customer support. In the UK - Huber products are available exclusively through a network of distributors supported by Huber UK.

For details of these distributors please visit www.huber-uk.co.uk. Huber UK commenced operation on the 1st January 2007.