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InforSense Initiates Annual 'Open House'

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InforSense Ltd has hosted customers, partners and investors at the company’s London headquarters last week to hear how their integrative analytics platform, InforSense KDE, is providing information-driven insights across a wide variety of industries.

Presenters, including Stephen Calvert, Vice President of Cheminformatics at GlaxoSmithKline and Michael Liebman, Executive Director of the Windber Research Institute, highlighted some of the drug discovery, health care and financial contexts in which InforSense KDE is used as an enterprise environment for business-critical decision-making.

"Many industries face the same challenge of enabling decision-makers to access and use information in a way that keeps pace with changing business needs," said Prof. Yike Guo, CEO and Founder of InforSense. 

"InforSense service-oriented workflow technology effectively addresses this challenge by enabling the creation of a single platform to support entire information-driven decision-making processes."

"We see InforSense KDE increasingly adopted by companies in a wide range of sectors as a uniform environment for enterprise-wide decision support."