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InSphero Streamlines 3D Microtissue Business Operations in US

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InSphero AG has begun accepting orders and processing all financial transactions with customers in North America through its US subsidiary InSphero Inc. The February 1 transition immediately streamlines access to InSphero products and services for US-based customers, and positions the company to initiate operations in its recently completed US bioproduction laboratory in Brunswick, Maine.

Stewart Hunt, General Manager of InSphero Inc., states the transition, “Will dramatically simplify order fulfillment for customers in our largest market by allowing them to order directly from a US source. This eliminates customs processing, additional handling fees, as well as potential delays encountered by those currently using shipment brokers to manage direct international purchases.”

The transition accompanies another milestone for InSphero Inc., which has assembled an expert team of 11 US-based employees over the past year. Says Hunt, “We’ve moved quickly, adding key scientific staff to lead the laboratory build-out, technology transfer, and initiate product manufacturing in our state-of-the-art Brunswick facility. Concurrently we have established an experienced team of sales managers, field application scientists, marketing, and product management professionals to provide responsive education and support to our North American customers.”