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Invitrogen Corporation Announces Strategic Collaboration With BMG Labtech Inc.

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Invitrogen Corporation, a provider of essential life science technologies for research, production and diagnostics, and BMG LABTECH Inc. are entering into a collaboration agreement to validate the compatibility of Invitrogen’s reagents with BMG LABTECH’s microplate detection instruments.

Invitrogen’s drug discovery products will be tested on certain BMG LABTECH microplate readers, and select BMG LABTECH instruments, such as the PHERAstar and OMEGA series, will be certified for use with specific Invitrogen technology platforms. Initial certifications will focus on Invitrogen’s assay systems for key target classes, such as LanthaScreen™ TR-FRET for protein kinases, PolarScreen™ FP technology for nuclear receptors, GeneBLAzer® reporter-gene technology for G protein-coupled receptors and Adapta™, a new TR-FRET assay system for lipid kinases. This collaboration will allow BMG LABTECH and Invitrogen to develop and promote joint applications for the drug discovery market.

“Through this partnership, researchers will be able to obtain integrated instrumentation and reagent solutions, thereby removing the frustration of discovering that the biological assay system they have chosen is not compatible with the instrumentation and visa versa,” said John Printen, director of Invitrogen’s Cell Signaling business segment. “This is critical for reaching customers across pharmaceutical research, biotech, academics and government where those scientists are seeking a higher throughput solution for their discovery workflows.”

“BMG LABTECH has a strong installed customer base in both the pharmaceutical sector and the academic research market. Our customers in both market segments demand high performance instrumentation and assay systems.” says Dr. Ronald Earp, President of BMG LABTECH Inc. “This partnership will insure that their BMG LABTECH microplate readers will provide optimal performance on Invitrogen assay technologies and allow us to proactively develop instrumentation for future platforms.”