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Locus Announces Focus on Drug Discovery Collaboration Business, Branded as Ansaris

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Locus Pharmaceuticals has announced that in conjunction with a transformation to a drug discovery collaboration business model, it has created a new division, Ansaris, which will include most of its operations and personnel.

Ansaris was formed to leverage the strengths and fully realize the value of Locus’ drug discovery computational platform and 10 years’ experience in integrated drug design, discovery, and development. Ansaris establishes collaborations and partnerships with companies seeking innovative solutions to drug design challenges.

"We adopted the name Ansaris to symbolize our differentiated approach to drug discovery, leveraging our demonstrated expertise in computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and our unique fragment-based drug discovery technology platform,” said Joan Lau, President of Ansaris.

“The strength of the Ansaris discovery process lies not just with the technology, but also the integrated drug design team approach, uniquely customized for each project. We have effectively utilized our capabilities to deliver novel chemotypes for challenging targets for our internal pipeline, and now we will direct our successful discovery model toward delivering innovative preclinical candidates for our collaboration partners.”