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Lucigen, Epicentre Announces Agreement

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With this agreement, effective January 1, 2017, select Epicentre products will be manufactured and sold exclusively by Lucigen Corporation directly to customers and through its distribution network worldwide. Epicentre Technologies, known for its genomics and transcriptomics products for gene expression, cloning, and in vitro transcription, was acquired by Illumina in 2011, and continues to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Illumina in Madison, Wisconsin.

This select group of products for transposomics, microarray analysis, and transcriptomics complements Lucigen’s portfolio of tools for use in synthetic biology, next generation sequencing, genetic amplification, and protein expression.

The incorporation of products from the Epicentre portfolio broadens Lucigen’s portfolio of genomics tools that accelerate and simplify life science research. Illumina’s agreement with Lucigen reflects good cooperation between the companies in order to continue the delivery and service of these high quality products to life science researchers.

“We are excited to expand and enrich our product offering to serve scientists worldwide with unique tools that will deliver innovative and meaningful breakthroughs in life sciences” stated Ralph Kauten, CEO of Lucigen.

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