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Marken Announces Completion of New Moscow Depot

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Marken has announced the completion of their newest fully owned depot in Moscow for both clinical and commercial pharmaceutical drug storage, clinical trial services and distribution.

Wes Wheeler, Marken’s CEO, commented on the trends in the industry, “Russia continues to be an important global clinical trial center, with the number of Phase III clinical trials in the 3rd quarter 2015 growing at 14% and with 203 new clinical trials approved to start in Russia in the same quarter. With this in mind, we decided to expand our presence in this important country and build a new facility near the Sheremetyevo airport to serve our clients more efficiently.”

The secure facility is located in a new building and is capable of delivering all typical services including temperature-controlled storage at all ranges from -20 and 2-8 degrees to controlled room temperature, plus liquid nitrogen storage capabilities.

Dedicated space was built into the design for drug product storage, late stage labeling, returns and destruction for rejected goods. All of the spaces and equipment are compliant with Marken’s Good Manufacturing Practice specifications.

As with all Marken depots, the new Moscow facility is managed by the company’s global inventory system, Solo, which offers clients real time access to live data which tracks the conditions inside the depot as well as the disposition of their materials. It also connects to Marken’s Maestro system which books and tracks all shipments into and out of the depot on a real time basis.

Gerit Offenhauser, Marken’s Senior Vice President, Clinical Trials Distribution, said, “We chose to build this larger depot in Moscow based on the huge success of our first location, and in direct response to our clients who needed a dedicated facility for their clinical trial operations in Russia as their business grows in this pivotal country. We now believe we have the most flexible and highest quality worldwide depot network to serve the clinical trials industry.”

A future announcement will be made for a grand opening in the new year. In the meantime, the facility is available for client audits.