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MDxHealth Partners with Andros Men's Clinic

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MDxHealth SA has announced that it has partnered with Andros Men's Health Clinic in The Netherlands to offer the SelectMDx(TM) for Prostate Cancer test to their patients. Through this new partnership, Andros Men's Clinic has added SelectMDx to its panel of men's prostate cancer diagnostic tests. The SelectMDx is a non-invasive urine based test to identify men at risk for aggressive prostate cancer who may benefit from early detection and an initial prostate biopsy or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

A negative SelectMDx also helps identify men at very low risk for clinically significant cancer, and could reduce unnecessary invasive biopsies, thereby reducing healthcare costs. Under this partnership the Andros Men's Health Clinic will offer the SelectMDx test to all patients considered at risk for prostate cancer and over 500 patients to undergo testing in the first year alone. The SelectMDx test will be available to Andros Men's Health Clinic patients starting on April 1st 2016.

Prof. Dr. Frans Debruyne, Medical Director and Co-Founder of the Andros Men's Health Clinic stated: "At our clinic we recently launched a program we call the Andros Center for Prostate Cancer to deliver precision diagnosis for prostate cancer. Through this program we offer innovative diagnostic technologies (including mpMRI) to improve the diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer and prescribe the optimal treatment plan for our patients.

Now we have further enhanced our diagnostic algorithm with the SelectMDx test, which is indicated for men with high risk factors such as abnormal DRE and/or elevated PSA levels who are being considered for prostate biopsy. We believe the test will aid in improved patient risk stratification, avoiding unnecessary biopsy procedures for low risk men, as well as identifying men at risk for clinically significant cancer who may require treatment."

"We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Andros Men's Health Clinic, an established leader for aging men's health care in The Netherlands; our SelectMDx test perfectly complements their portfolio of advanced diagnostic tools," commented Dr. Jan Groen, CEO of MDxHealth. "They have built a strong reputation with a focus on improving patient care and outcomes, and therefore make an ideal partner to help us raise awareness and expand access to SelectMDx within the urology community."