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Millennium Laboratories Lead Sponsor of First Ever International Conference on Opioids

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Millennium Laboratories, will be the lead sponsor of the first International Conference on Opioids, June 10-12, 2012 at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School. The Journal of Opioid Management is offering this unique forum comprised of renowned specialists in basic science, clinical application, and compliance. The International Conference on Opioids ( www.opioidconference.org ) is designed to enlighten primary care physicians, pain specialists and other opioid prescribers with new data, essential information and best practices when prescribing these powerful, quality of life enhancing analgesics.

The Journal of Opioid Management ( www.opioidmanagement.com ) is the only professional, peer-reviewed journal focused exclusively on the safe and responsible use of opioids. With an editorial staff and review board of the world's leading experts in the field, the Journal provides guidance to physicians and healthcare professionals on how to safely prescribe and responsibly manage these drugs. Located in Weston, Massachusetts, the Journal of Opioid Management, ISSN 1551-7489, is published bi-monthly and was established in 2004 by Weston Medical Publishing, LLC.

Millennium Laboratories provides healthcare professionals with advanced scientific data, clinical tools, and services that support evidence-based patient evaluation and documentation. Through delivery of some the fastest, most comprehensive and reliable urine and oral fluid drug testing results in the industry, the company assists healthcare professionals improve clinical outcomes, patient safety and risk mitigation.

"We are excited to have Millennium Laboratories join us as a primary sponsor," says Richard A. DeVito Jr., Publisher of the Journal of Opioid Management, "as they share our commitment to leading edge research and the safe and responsible use of opioids."

"Opioid use and the potential for misuse and abuse, is a major concern worldwide," said Howard Appel, President of Millennium Laboratories. "Our company's commitment to furthering the field of pain management includes a strong focus on the advancement of research and education. We are proud to partner with the Journal of Opioid Management in supporting this important international conference."

The International Conference on Opioids includes a full schedule of cutting-edge topics and keynote presentations, didactic sessions, panel discussions, case studies, and scientific posters dealing with all aspects of the safe use and management of opioids; and each will be presented by a wide range of participants such as the Food and Drug Administration, as well as researchers, renowned physicians in pain management, and educators in healthcare and medicine.