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MRC Technology and IPS-CAS Collaborate

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MRC Technology and Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS-CAS) have signed a collaboration agreement to develop new therapeutic antibodies from research originating in China.

IPS-CAS is well regarded for their cutting-edge research in infectious diseases and capability generating antibodies and MRC Technology has proven expertise in progressing promising research towards the clinic.

The parties created IPS-MRCT Joint Centre for Therapeutic Antibodies in order to combine their expertise in research and development, intellectual property (IP) protection and management, and commercial acumen for more precise and efficient technology transfer.
Monoclonal antibody-based drugs have been established as one of the most successful therapeutic strategies for the treatment of infectious diseases, cancers and autoimmune diseases.
“The promise of immune check-point antibodies and broadly neutralising antibodies against pathogens brings a boom in research and research development across the world, which makes this collaboration all the more significant and important,” said Professor Sun Bing, the Director of IPS-MRCT Joint Centre for Therapeutic Antibodies.
Dr Dave Tapolczay, Chief Executive, MRC Technology, said: “MRC Technology uses the potential of science to change lives. Our projects have led to several approved drugs which are improving patients’ lives across the world. Biomedical research is flourishing in China and we are pleased to work with IPS to progress the science towards worldwide benefit.”
The Chinese Academy of Sciences is proposing to set up a new centre to manage intellectual property and will also draw on MRC Technology’s expertise in IP development, protection and management in this venture.