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Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium Shares its Insights into Effective and Efficient Biospecimen Management

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LabVantage has announced a webcast featuring the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC). The MMRC shares its insights into the implementation of LabVantage’s Sapphire BioBanking Solution for the effective and efficient biospecimen management system to support myeloma research throughout MMRC's partner network.

In the world of research, accurate, compliant and efficient management of biospecimens is critical. These specimens serve as the basis for research and development of tomorrow's drugs and medical treatments.

The MMRC reviews the challenges of sample collection, storage, management, and reporting associated with its myeloma specimens. It also addresses the specific barriers to specimen management and data warehousing faced by the MMRC, including how to: span the life cycle of the specimen, address the needs of multiple end users, capture correlating clinical data, maintain flexibility, and provide global visibility.

This webcast and further information about LabVantage's Sapphire BioBanking Solution are available at http://www.labvantage.com/products/biobanking/index.html.