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Name Change for The Society for Biomolecular Screening

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The Society for Biomolecular Screening has announced that it is changing its name to reflect the needs of its current and future members. 

Still to be referred to as SBS the Society will now be known as Society for Biomolecular Sciences. 

Past President Dejan Bojanic and President Al Kolb made the announcement during the 11th Annual SBS Conference & Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.

After 11 years as The Society for Biomolecular Screening, members have voted and approved the new name. SBS will be known henceforth as Society for Biomolecular Sciences. 

This change was formalized by a vote of the membership after a series of opinion surveys and articles presenting both the pros and cons of the change.

Dr. Kolb had this to say about the historical event, “The name change reflects the evolution of a more integrated drug discovery process and mirrors what the SBS members have told us about their changing and expanding roles in that process.”

“Let me assure everyone, especially our long standing members that the Society will continue to support traditional screening sciences.”

“In addition to this core discipline, SBS will reach out to other areas of drug discovery such as ADMET and target discovery that are becoming more closely linked with HTS.”

“We will see this expanded interest reflected in the numerous SBS programs such as the annual conference, regional meetings, web-casts, virtual seminars, and the Journal of Biomolecular Screening (JBS).”

“The content of these programs will continue to cover screening methods and technologies plus additional fields related to early phase drug discovery.”

“In fact, this has been occurring over the past decade as HTS skills have been applied to other fields and as scientists involved in HTS have moved throughout the drug discovery process.”

“The expanded focus is a natural progression of the Society’s growth and success in the field of screening.”

“We welcome the members to actively participate in SBS and to continue to give us feedback on how SBS is serving their needs in this dynamic and changing industry.”

“The Board of Directors are their elected representatives and are here not only to make SBS relevant for today, but also to guide SBS into the future.”

“This can only be done with the members’ participation.  Our 2005 annual meeting in Geneva begins the second decade of SBS and we look forward to an exciting future.”