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Nanotechnologies in Drug Delivery Conference

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Technology Networks is pleased to announce that it has entered into a media partnership with MnM Conferences, the organisers of Nanotechnologies in Drug Delivery Congress. The meeting takes place on the 27 – 28 April 2015 and will be held in London, United Kingdom.

Leading academics, scientists and business development executives from pharma and biotech companies from around the world will be travelling to the Nanotechnologies in Drug Delivery Congress. This event puts them together with venture capitalists and other financiers looking to invest in their projects. 

Bringing together 25+International expert speakers from academia and industry, the two day program will examine key concerns in drug delivery including Nanotechnology drug enabled drug delivery in HIV therapy, siRNA, and blood protein analysis as well as exploring nanotechnology in medicine design. 


The role of technology is fundamental to the way we respond to healthcare challenges

Growth of innovative drug delivery platforms – Importance & Benefits

Imaging Nanotechnogies fate in vivo: a help to faster drug delivery preclinical studies

siRNA - Providing a completely new paradigm for disease treatment

Personalised cancer medicine mediated by pharmacogenomics and  tailored immunotargeting via nanotechnology

Delivery across blood brain barriers using nano needles

Exploring nanotechnology in medicine design

Panel Discussion - Safety Issues of Nanoparticles for Diagnostics
Panel Discussion - Successfully sourcing new technologies from both academia and the industry
Panel discussion – Cutting cost on delivery and formulations

The full agenda can be found at the event website 


Technology Network subscribers can save 20% off on the delegate registration if you register your seat before 15th Feb 2015! Just use NST/ND/20 as a discount code. So hurry to get an amazing deal !