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Novel Ultra-Low Temperature Microreactor Chips

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Syrris has extended its range of Asia microreactors with the launch of ultra-low temperature 3-input microreactor chips offering fast, reproducible mixing, rapid heat transfer and minimised back pressure.

Designed to complement the Asia Cryo Controller module, these chemically resistant, transparent and robust microreactor chips are ideal for solution phase flow reactions at temperatures ranging from -100 to +250 °C and pressures up to 20 bar.

Available in two volumes – 62.5 and 250 μl – each chip features input channels and mixing junctions located within the temperature controlled area of the flow system, enabling pre-cooling or pre-heating of input streams to the reaction temperature prior to mixing. This is invaluable for flow chemistry reactions where the mixing temperature is a critical safety parameter, typically processes employing highly reactive reagents that must be handled at low temperatures.

For maximum flexibility, the microreactor chips can be used in conjunction with the Asia Cryo Controller and Asia Chip Climate Controller, as well as the Asia Heater, providing trouble-free temperature control of a wide range of flow chemistry reactions.