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Omnia Biologics and AparnaBio Sign Lentivirus Drug Development Agreement

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Omnia Biologics, Inc. and Aparna Biosciences Corp. have announced a deal for Omnia to provide AparnaBio with process development and production services. Omnia will provide lentiviral vector technical services as well as manufacture of research grade through cGMP grade materials.

“Despite recent setbacks in lentivirus based drug development on the business side, we continue to see great promise in the platform.” Dr. Dale VanderPutten, CEO, Omnia Biologics, Inc. commented on the deal. “The AparnaBio team has deep experience, a level of sophistication and a track record of success that gives them a leg up on successfully executing on the commercial potential of the lentivirus drug delivery concept. We are pleased to be chosen by AparnaBio as a partner in this development effort.”