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Optimum Results With the New Metal Scavenger Screening Kit From Biotage

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Biotage has announced the launch of their new Metal Scavenger Screening Kit for the pharmaceutical, drug discovery process and fine chemical industries. The new kit contains a selection of Biotage Industrial metal scavengers, in an easy to use format, with detailed instructions that enable researchers to screen API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) product mixtures and identify an optimum scavenger, for their downstream metal removal process.

The kit includes five 1 g pre-packed tubes of ISOLUTE® Si-TMT, ISOLUTE® SCX-2, ISOLUTE® Si-Trisamine, ISOLUTE® Si-Thiol and Biotage® MP-TMT metal scavengers. Biotage metal scavengers are industry proven, supported by a comprehensive regulatory qualification support package, and are produced in an ISO9001:2008 compliant manufacturing facility. Each scavenger is batch-controlled and has served the pharmaceutical, drug discovery and fine chemical industries for many years.

“Our mission is the make the life of the chemist easier, and that includes making powerful tools accessible, our new Metal Scavenging Kit is designed to support up to five screens, with comprehensive instructions that help a user convert a ‘hit’ into a scalable, workable process solution.

Biotage has a wealth of experience in this area and has already made a difference by supporting our clients in their endeavors” said Biotage Industrial Portfolio Product Manager, Dr Sunil Rana.