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PAREXEL Wins Best Technological Development in Clinical Trial Award

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PAREXEL International Corporation has announced that its Country Allocation Technology won the Best Technological Development in Clinical Trials Award at the 2015 Scrip Awards. The award recognizes the importance of PAREXEL’s Country Allocation Technology across the drug development value chain.

Country selection, patient recruitment, and patient enrollment are among the most fundamental needs in drug development. Delays in one of these areas can cost a biopharmaceutical company time and money in getting a new drug to a patient in need. To address this challenge, PAREXEL developed its Country Allocation Technology, providing feasibility teams a data-driven tool for country selection.

“This award honors PAREXEL’s long history of innovation in clinical trial technology,” said Paul Evans, Vice President, Site Strategy & Start-Up, PAREXEL. “Our Country Allocation Technology provides a data-driven approach to country selection for a clinical trial. By looking at a variety of data, we provide clients with a clear ranking of countries for their specific trial based on medical, clinical, operational, regulatory, and financial criteria.”

PAREXEL was one of six finalists in the Best Technological Development in Clinical Trials category, which focused on identifying the product that represents the best advance in supporting clinical trial management. In selecting PAREXEL as the winner, the judges explained: “The cost savings are massive. If we can get the feasibility right, we can progress studies more efficiently.”

“At PAREXEL, we believe the world would be a healthier place if the journey between science and new treatments were simpler. We innovate continuously to provide technology services that empower our clients to make data-driven business decisions, helping to reduce risk and to speed time to market,” added David Kiger, Vice President, Product Strategy, PAREXEL Informatics.